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Telemarketing, tele sales

By December 26, 2022No Comments

We tend to hear the terms ‘telemarketing’, ‘telesales’ and ‘inside sales’ used interchangeably and it is true that all involve contacting prospective and existing customers over the phone to promote products and services remotely. New technologies and changes in buyer behaviour have transformed the sales and marketing environment dramatically and traditional channels such as telemarketing and telesales have had to evolve with this change. However, perceptions around them have generally not kept pace – far from it, in fact. As a result, many definitions exist, depending on who you talk to, their particular viewpoint and how recent and close their exposure to the channel. To help provide clarity for those considering a ‘phone-based marketing’ approach, let’s consider each in turn. What is telemarketing? Telemarketing is a service concerned with maximising opportunities across all areas of the sales funnel, using skilled agents to feed a healthy sales pipeline remotely – prospecting, nurturing relationships and developing opportunities over the phone. A broad-based term, it can encompass other phone-based activities that also support the sales process – phone-based research or data cleansing, for example. Contrary to some sticky perceptions, telemarketing is not a purely scripted process and supports a much wider range of activity than simply cold calling. A flexible, highly personal, and insightful approach, it can strategically communicate high value propositions across the whole of the customer journey. Supporting multiple sales objectives, it can help expand sales channels and reach new markets, regain market share and drive revenue in competitive and disruptive markets. What is telesales? Telesales is a narrower function that focuses on the direct sale of products or services to customers over the phone. A telesales agent will close the sale and potentially process a payment. Again, outdated perceptions often associate telesales with somewhat aggressive, high volume sales of products to homeowners, but tha


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