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Cold calling isn’t dead, but the old approach to sales prospecting should be. Instead of the usual sales gimmicks and “magic bullets,” ASLAN’s Access program is a one-day workshop that teaches your sales professionals who to approach and a radical philosophy on how to have success in prospecting. Are your reps resistant to prospecting? Here’s why: They don’t believe sales prospecting works, hoping that some AI marketing product will save the day They reach out to people they know, not the buyers who make decisions With the rejection rate of 98%+, they’re tired of rejection and want success Their sales process is broken and they’re unsure of how to advance the customer relationship They lead with their solution, not what’s on the decision maker’s whiteboard They desperately pursue any buyers with a pulse versus strategically choosing who they want to engage through prospecting They fail to utilize every prospecting channel available – social media, sponsorship, referrals


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