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By December 22, 2022No Comments

The tree is up, the lights are on, and holiday cheer is running swiftly through your veins—but are those deals still running swiftly through your pipeline? With just a few weeks (!) left in Q4, there’s still work to be done and goals to hit before settling in for that long winter’s nap. Whether your team is just shy of hitting targets or needs a Christmas miracle, a festive sales contest will give your people that extra boost of motivation they need to push through these final weeks of 2022. During a season where distractions are high, burnout may be settling in, and many people—sellers and prospects alike—are out of office, gamifying the daily grind with targeted sales competitions can help your reps stay focused, engaged, and working toward the metrics that will most impact your bottom line. Infuse your culture with that magical holiday spirit and celebrate your team’s accomplishments with these holiday competition ideas. 6 Holiday Sales Competition Ideas 1. 12 Days of Sales-mas Description: Give away prizes for the 12 work days leading up to Christmas. Each activity a rep completes during the day counts as an entry for that day’s prize. For example: every meeting set = 1 entry. You won’t disclose what the prize is until it’s time to draw the winner, and a rep can win a max of 3 prizes throughout the contest period. Why it works: You can adjust the entries based on which targets your team still needs to hit. Since the activities you choose will likely have some variety, everyone will have an opportunity to enter. The mystery element of the daily prize will keep people motivated whether or not it’s a prize they’d want to win. 2. Christmas Calls are Ringing Description: This is your classic call blitz. Schedule your blitz ahead of time or surprise your team midday to create some fun energy and fuel the competitive spirit. Assign a point value to calls, connects, voicemails, and SQLs. Whoever has the most points at the end of the blitz wins. Why it works: Getting everyone on the phones together creates m


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