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Chief Sales Officer

By June 8, 2021No Comments

Who is the real chief sales officer at your company? who is ultimately responsible for the financial performance of your company?

The CEO wears many hats and one of those hats should be the chief sales officer, with a high focus on sales within the organization.

According to a study released by the U.S. Small Business Administration, only 44% of small businesses make it past their fourth year in business. Although there are many reasons that businesses fail, one sure way to ensure failure is not to focus on the sales success of the firm.

Here are four reasons why the CEO should be the Chief Sales Officer:
1. The CEO Understands the Product and Services Better than Anyone Else in the Organization.
2. The CEO can Speak more Effectively to Decision Makers.
3. The CEO Sets the Tone and Focus of the Organization.
4. The CEO must learn the fundamentals of Sales.

SOURCE: CEO Experience


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