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Configuring telesales features

By December 27, 2022No Comments

To structure a telesales and customer service operation, the store administrator must make some pre-configurations in the store.

See below the necessary steps to set up the telesales features available on VTEX:

Create a telesales user
Configure the telesales toolbar
Configure shareable carts (optional)
Enable manual pricing (optional)
Learn how to operate the features you have configured in our guide How to use telesales features.

Creating a telesales user
Before starting a telesales operation in your store, you must assign the Call center operator role to telesales and customer service operators in the Account management module.

Check out the tutorial Creating a telesales user to learn more about this process.

After logging in, the telesales user will be redirected to the store’s home page, where the telesales toolbar will be displayed.

Users with the telesales role (Call center operator) can also view, track and make changes to orders in the Orders management module of the Admin. To access it, telesales operators must click on the link

To understand all the roles available in your store, check out the article Roles.

Configuring the telesales toolbar
For stores developed with VTEX IO, you must configure the VTEX Telemarketing app to enable and customize the telesales toolbar. Learn more in our VTEX Telemarketing guide.

For other stores, you can customize the colors and buttons of the telesales toolbar on the Layout page of the CMS module. Check out the article Customizing the telesales toolbar for more information.

Configuring shareable carts
The Shareable shopping cart app allows sales reps to select products for their customers and share the shopping cart with them on channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and email, in Social Selling actions.

To use this feature, you must install and activate the app. You can also customize the buttons on the cart sharing interface.

To make these configurations, follow the instructions in the article How to activate the Shareable Cart app (Social Selling).

Enabling manual pricing
The manual pricing feature allows users with the “Call center operator” and “Super Admin” roles to change the price of products in the shopping cart.

To use this feature, the store’s developers must first enable manual pricing using the Checkout API. Read our Checkout API documentation to learn more about this procedure.

Prices changed manually in the shopping cart need to be approved by the store administrator or an authorized user in the Orders authorization system. Only after that can you proceed to the billing process.


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