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How to Build The Best Sales Prospect List

By December 22, 2022No Comments

In this article we’ll answer all of your burning questions like “what’s a prospect list anyways, what info is included on a prospect list and tactically how do I actually build a prospecting list?” But there’ll be no blah-blah here. Expect a highly practical guide that’ll quickly have you understanding what you need to do and what steps you need to take in order to do the thing – or create the best darn sales prospecting list you can. What is a prospect list? Quite simply, a sales prospect list is a list of potential clients. These are people that would benefit from your company’s product or services, and would make an excellent client. But who are those? These are potential clients that fit your ideal buyer persona, the qualities and attributes that allow you to identify “best fit” potential clients for your product or service. Ideal buyer personas are generally created by your marketing team and include points of interest like: Company industry Company size Company location Company revenue Company technographics Prospect’s role in the org Prospect’s age Prospect’s gender Prospect’s character traits Prospect’s motivations Prospect’s pain / challenges Prospect’s goals Prospect’s KPIs Prospect’s preferred work tools Prospect’s preferred communication channels Prospect’s benefits they receive from your product / service But this is only a starting point in order to understand your “best” fit buyers, and build a prospect list. You’ll also need to understand your product or service to a t. Before you even create a prospect list you’ll need to get clear on why your product or solution is a “best fit” for each and every single unique customer persona. Prior to creating your prospecting list and making outreach, you’ll need to get clear on: Your product or service offering in deep granularity. (Seriously. Go ham and invest. Why? Dillard’s discovered every hour their sales associates spent on product training increased their close rate by 5%.) Features and benefits per persona Major competitors and key di


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