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HubSpot all-in-one: Marketing, Sales and Service

By December 25, 2022No Comments

The fact that HubSpot is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage the relationship with the customer at 360° makes it unique. Divided into three areas, marketing, sales and service, it manages to be a CRM that simplifies the process of generating, managing and consolidating leads, attracting more users and saving you time. Funnel2 As announced earlier, HubSpot is a tool that helps the whole company in managing opportunities and manages to do so using the Inbound methodology and promoting Automation. Being designed for the needs of three different business areas, HubSpot contains some generic tools and others specific to the needs of each department, but what makes this platform truly unique is the ability to automate the Lead Generation and Nurturing processes . To understand the power of HubSpot it is necessary to start from an assumption: the lead is a user that the company identifies as “potentially interested” as he has carried out some specific actions. At this point every company must ask itself: How do we create new leads? How do we turn them into customers? all-in-one hub spot HubSpot provides exactly the tools to respond – actively – to all of these: Keep the company blog alive and active, writing articles from an SEO perspective and following the Content strategy; Create specific Landing Pages for each type of product or service you offer, Personalize the experience of each type of user, offering content that follows the Buyer Personas and the Buyer’s Journey of each of these. Analyze the results of marketing actions and modify the strategy when necessary. Examples of other HubSpot features HubSpot is a great tool for companies that have a sales force that is very focused on finding new customers . Marketing: first of all, it is important to segment your contacts and, once you have the segments, you can create interesting and engaging content to attract new potential customers. This is the first step of Inbound Marketing promoted by HubSpot. Now that we have succeeded in stimulating the interest of users, we must be able to involve them by offering them solutions to problems or needs, for example. When the user converts into a customer, it is necessary to nurture this relationship, therefore also offering him not only content, but also adequate support. Sales: now that the contact has gone through the marketing phase, it can be managed by a salesperson and HubSpot has the tools to manage the one-to-one. The main support tools are automatic email sequencing, email templates, phone integration, mobile business card capture, calendar and email integration. Service : finally, having won a new customer, HubSpot offers the ticket tool to manage its requests for assistance from customers, end users or other actors with whom we come into contact. They are useful for improving interaction between technicians and users, having a history of requests and knowing their status. Since we have mentioned the content strategy, it is right to say a few words about it. Why is it important to create a content marketing strategy? By generating more and more traffic on our site, creating interesting content and giving the possibility to download, for example, an e book or a guide in exchange for information about the company, new leads are obtained, which can convert into customers. How to create a content strategy effectively? Define the objectives: why you want to create the content, how and for which Buyer Persona. Define your buyer persona: keep in mind who your ideal customer is, what problems or needs they have and how you can help them solve them. Choose the type of content: if you want to write an article, a social post, an e book etc. Then set a short time frame in which to brainstorm all the ideas for your content. In conclusion, HubSpot can help us in the management of content, through which it is possible to convert leads into prospects and customers, in the requests and in the after-sales management of our customers. It’s a great tool to contain useful lead data, help us segment them and save us time. But more importantly: it allows us to have a real account of our efforts.


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