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Introducing Predictive Dialler – A Tool That Helps You Get in Touch With Your Clients

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In this article, we’ll cover: What is telesales? The difference between telemarketing and telesales What can telesales do for your business? Duties of a telesales representative Skills a telesales representative must have Best and most trusted telesales tips Telesales mastered Even with the rise of eCommerce, telesales remains a sales tactic for companies. It’s an area that business owners should have on their radar and utilise effectively. When you have a high-quality team of reps, it can positively impact your bottom line and business development. From an employee’s perspective, it takes a lot of skill to excel at being a telesales representative. It’s not just about reading from a generic script written by your marketing manager. It takes way more than that to succeed. Read on to find out what telesales can do for your company, what to look for in an employee and a selection of top telesales tips. Let’s start by defining telesales. What is telesales? Telesales is not just cold calling, and it’s the act of selling a product or service via telephone. If you’re forging a career in telesales, your days will involve talking to potential customers on the phone. These conversations aim to encourage people to make a purchase. Telesales combines communication and sales skills with customer service knowledge. And it falls into two categories: inbound and outbound. With inbound telesales, representatives answer calls from potential and existing customers. Outbound telesales involves ringing prospects to generate sales. Whether you’re receiving calls or phoning leads, you need a varied skillset – more on that later. It’s also important for businesses to invest in the right technology. Integrated solutions like RingCentral have features such as proactive outbound dialling that can support your telesales team. By having a successful telesales team, your company builds quality customer relations that generate new and repeat business. The difference between telemarketing and telesales telemarketing-telesales You may


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