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Many people don’t like selling…

By January 19, 2022No Comments

Many people don’t like selling…

…and it’s totally understandable why…

What’s practiced and emphasized in sales is:

1. The fast talker

2. The mover & shaker

3. Combative language

4. Super passionate and excitable

5. High pressure and manipulative tactics

But if you’re talking about “Professional Selling,” you may already have a leg up. The following attributes reflect what the pros do:

1. You listen well

2. You patiently move forward

3. Your words are gently firm

4. You’re calm and steady

5. You seek to help and guide

The professional salesperson practices these latter attributes.

Customers are looking for people who practice these attributes.

Customers universally detest the former approach.

The former approach gives sales (and your company) a bad name.

Credits: Ted Olson


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