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The Marketing & Sales Engine represents an innovative approach that is revolutionizing the digital communication , marketing , and lead generation services of B2B companies. Through the Marketing & Sales Engine , tech companies have the opportunity to enhance their positioning and brand awareness , while generating business opportunities quickly and continuously over time. The distinguishing factors: End to end approach , which allows you to manage communication, digital marketing and lead generation activities in an integrated way Services that can be activated in as a service mode , on an ongoing basis Possibility to leverage the portals and magazines of the Digital360 Network, frequented by over 2,600,000 users every month, mostly purchase decision-makers white_pixels-1.svg 1.Network Digital360 The Digital360 Network is the largest B2B network in Italy of portals dedicated to the topics of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurial Innovation . Its mission is to spread digital and entrepreneurial culture in Italian businesses and public administrations . It is based on a unique Think Tank in Italy of ” experts ” and ” opinion leaders ” on all innovation topics. The Digital360 Network makes it possible to reach a qualified audience in the digital field , through over 50 portals, channels and newsletters focused on all the multiple dimensions of digital innovation and addressed to all the different categories of stakeholders. our numbers + 2,600,000 monthly unique visitors + 11,500,000 monthly page views + 46,000 tech keywords on 1st page of Google + 540,000 followers on social networks white_pixels-1.svg 2. Storytelling & Content Marketing The content strategy is developed through an original “storytelling” based on multiple “open” contents of strong interest for the reference audience and strongly oriented towards SEO positioning and Social amplification , in order to maximize visibility and reach. The content strategy is also based on “gated” content – such as white papers, reports, webinars, vods, … – accessible to users only through registration, which explore the contents generated and make it possible to profile the audience and create a community of proprietary reference. All content will be produced by the Digital360 Network’s team of journalists and analysts our numbers + 56 newspapers, portals, newsletters + 15000 articles per year + 600 videos per year + 2,300 published white papers white_pixels-1.svg 3. Public Relations In line with the editorial plan developed on the media of the Digital360 Network, the communication project can be further extended to some Italian media titles (print, TV and radio), by activating a specific PR action, leveraging the contents produced and amplifying its impact. media echo . To this end, the plan may include: identification of target publications (newspapers, TV, radio, agencies, etc.); identification of the contents of greatest interest to generalist publications; engagement of the journalists of the identified newspapers. white_pixels-1.svg 4. Blog Magazine Hub The Blog-Magazine plays the role of online “Hub” for all communication and lead generation activities . With more than 6,000 contents published for our customers every year, the Blog-Magazine: it is connected to a marketing automation platform capable of managing both the content management system and the entire buyer experience; is connected to the Company website ; it is primarily powered by the traffic generated by the Digital360 Network , waiting for it to generate its own organic traffic. white_pixels-1.svg 5. Marketing Automation The user funnel generated by Storytelling and Content Marketing is exploited to create a proprietary community and to generate leads on an ongoing basis. More precisely, the following can be foreseen: the development of a proprietary database of users and all related data, through the exploitation of “gated content”; the continuous and personalized feeding of the various categories of users present in the database, through the Marketing Automation platform , to manage lead nurturing and lead generation activities . our numbers + 10,000 nurturing emails sent in the last 12 months 1,500 workflows created in the last 12 months + 100 marketing automation platforms installed white_pixels-1.svg 6. Business Contact Qualification The leads generated through marketing automation tools can be contacted by company inside sales figures with the aim of identifying real sales opportunities . Digital360 can count on an internal team that has been working in the ICT and digital world for years , with specific skills in all the different areas of digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation that will support the Company in defining Inside sales processes and in training resources dedicated to the purpose. Digital360’s internal team can also be made available to the Company in “outsourced” mode. our numbers + 400 Inside Sales Trained + 180000 contacts profiled per year + 5000 sales opportunities generated per year white_pixels-1.svg 7.Monitoring & Learning A data visualization tool is activated to optimize the reading of the KPIs and to understand and interpret the data coming from all the activities . The main project measurement metrics consist of: traffic obtained; leads generated; developed business opportunities.


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