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Marketing & sales strategies to grow your business

By December 24, 2022No Comments

Traditional marketing: dead man walking? Increasingly structured players, increasingly critical and informed users and the increasingly widespread digitization of operating and purchasing processes – especially in the last few months of the lockdown – have radically transformed the rules of the game, making the market an increasingly competitive and questioning the more traditional marketing strategies. Although the average user has become intolerant of commercial calls, reads with more or less interest the mountain of newsletters that populate the inbox, listens inattentively to radio or TV commercials, marketing remains an essential function for the vitality of a company , especially as it is closely linked with the sales function. New marketing strategies: digitize and conquer How, then, to keep up with an ever faster and more competitive market? Once again, the answer is provided by digital transformation. Digitizing and coordinating marketing & sales strategies, through an integrated platform, is the way to dominate the business world. The advantages deriving from the introduction of an integrated marketing & sales automation solution into the company are easily understood: * having an integrated vision makes it possible to monitor each level of the funnel in a precise and timely manner – from the acquisition of the lead by marketing to its transformation into a customer – facilitating the development of targeted strategies for the acquisition of new contacts or loyalty customers; * significant reduction of all waste of time and resources as well as the risk that activities are carried out in an incomplete or ineffective manner; * finally, the unified management of sales & marketing activities facilitates data analysis and the determination – as well as the optimization – of the ROI ( return of investments ) From theory to practice: what features should the ideal platform have? marketing strategies marketing automation platform A good marketing & sales strategy cannot do without adequate support from a


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