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Master in Sales & Marketing Management

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Objective of the course The Master in Sales & Marketing Management provided by Radar Academy – Radar Consulting Italia’s Business School of Management aims to create specialized profiles in the Marketing & Sales functional area, equipping them with skills that can be immediately used in the business and/or professional sphere. The lessons, with a marked theoretical-practical slant and conducted by important teachers, coming from leading companies in the sector as managers and executives, will allow students to acquire the necessary preparation to operate successfully in national and multinational work contexts, in one of the sectors that offer the greatest career prospects ever. Employment opportunities : The students of the Master in Sales & Marketing Management are destined to cover professional, clerical and managerial responsibilities in prestigious corporate and market contexts. In general, the skills acquired in the Marketing & Sales management profile open up favorable employment prospects in various working contexts: from multinational companies in all sectors (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, etc.), to small-medium sized companies, industrial to commercial ones, from consultancy firms to advertising and promotional agencies, from market research companies to data provider companies, from trade associations to editorial and journalistic contexts. Trade Marketing Manager, Key Account, Retail Manager, Product Manager, ADMISSION Enrollment in the Master is subject to passing the selection test consisting of: Evaluation of the curriculum studio rum and/or previous experiences Technical/motivational interview Eligibility based on psycho-aptitude tests. TITLES ISSUED : At the end of the Master, a bilingual attendance certificate will be issued: Italian and English. The minimum attendance required, in order to obtain the certificate, is 80% of the classroom training activities. Visit the official website of the Business School: THE PLUS PLACEMENT At the end of the Master, all students who have requested it are guaranteed a paid internship/traineeship or, alternatively, a collaboration contract in the company. Radar Academy is part of Radar Consulting Italia, a search and selection company for qualified personnel, constantly in contact with the largest companies in all sectors, many of which make use of Radar’s services. COMPANY PROJECT WORK Commissioned by one of our partner companies, it allows students to deal directly with the corporate world, while putting into practice the skills acquired during the classroom lessons. Real situations and problems will be dealt with, specific to the Sales & Marketing context. The individual student has the opportunity to make himself known by the Company, thanks to the direct relationship established with the Human Resources office. MEETINGS WITH OPINION LEADERS Only the best Managers and Professionals in the sector attend our classrooms. These are able to provide testimonials of the highest level, answering the questions of our students and guiding them to a successful career in Human Resources. Who is it for? The Master in Sales & Marketing Management is aimed at: graduates in economics and management; graduates in legal, scientific, humanistic subjects, with strong attitudes to dynamism; entrepreneurs who wish to enhance the Sales and Marketing function or the corporate Sales Network; employees of companies, provided they come from the Sales, Marketing, Communication functions; sellers and commercial agents who intend to grow within the company; sales consultants and managers; Retail manager. Program The teaching staff is made up of Sales Managers and Marketing Managers from prestigious industrial and service companies. Sector professionals, business management consultants, communication experts, coaches, motivators, experts in the selection of Sales & Marketing profiles will also participate. The main teaching modules covered: The principles of marketing & sales management. Marketing channels and commercial distribution. Organization and structure of sales networks. business English. Manage and motivate the sales force. The sales negotiation. Digital marketing 2.0. Customer satisfaction and management tools. Trade marketing and category management. Integrated strategies and actions between Sales, Marketing and Trade. Where it takes place The Master in Sales & Marketing Management is held in the offices of: Milan Padua Rome Naples The overall duration of the training activities is 6 months in the classroom in the weekend formula (on average two weekends per month) with the following timetable: Saturday: 9.00 – 13.00/14.00 – 18.00 Sunday: 9.00 – 13.00 The complete package includes: • Assessment Center • Interactive lessons • Career Coaching • E-Learning modules • Project Work • Career Tour • Internship


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