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Sales and Marketing: the pillars of your Company

By December 25, 2022No Comments

Marketing and Sales have always played a crucial role within the company organization. Historical antagonists, yet the arrival of digital has forced them to find a proactive collaboration. So much so that a new word had to be coined: Smarketing ! This term, which derives precisely from the union of Sales + Marketing , indicates the coordination between these two business areas. In fact, the key to the success of the company in the new digitized world derives from this harmony. Marketing and Sales alignment If once, within the company, the marketing department took care of creating the company catalogue, managing the website, creating product brochures, organizing trade fairs, publishing articles in specialized magazines, buying advertising space on TV, radio or newspapers, today he is unwillingly involved in a radical transformation of his job in the company. His “communication” served to help salespeople sell, now it becomes part of the sales process itself, eliminating that thin border that divided the departments: now marketing is increasingly assigned the task of “selling”. Do the vendors disappear then? Let’s say that in B2C marketing can lead to direct sales through more or less complex and complete e-commerce systems. We talked about it in these articles that I suggest you read if as a company you are addressing end customers: Ecommerce marketing: the strategy to sell online Ecommerce business model: the plan to sell online Opening an Online Shop: the simplest and fastest solution there is Facebook Chatbot: the case study How to do Ecommerce with Shopify and HubSpot For those who are instead in the B2B sector , there is always a need for someone who completes a commercial negotiation, but marketing is now able to advance the sales phase so much thanks to Inbound Marketing that the commercials are left with nothing but the closure, an operation that is increasingly easier in all those cases in which marketing has not only found a good contact, but has already unmarked the most common objections and biggest doubts and managed the price and reliability phase. In these articles I have explored the concept of Sales Pipeline and how HubSpot, Marketing Automation, CRM and Sales and Customer Service software, is a valid ally in the digitization of your company: Sales Pipeline: Meaning and Real Examples Sales process: how to map it with CRM HubSpot: Software to increase visits and contacts HubSpot Sales Software: Sell More for Less In short, I can say that if the marketing department and the sales department are well aligned, sales increase and the “sales window” (the time that elapses from the first contact with the potential customer to the positive conclusion of the contract) is radically lowered. More sales in less time, the dream of all companies is now within the reach of many. Download the HubSpot CRM & Marketing Software Guide and start equipping your sales and marketing team with the right tools to digitize your business.


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