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Sales vs. Marketing: Understanding the Difference Between Them

By December 24, 2022No Comments

Sales and marketing are crucial pillars of every business. They are closely linked and act as a catalyst for generating revenue (profit). While marketing is about building awareness about a brand and organization, sales turn that viewership into profits by converting the potential customers into actual customers. Continue reading to closely understand about sales and marketing and the differences between them in detail. What is Marketing? While the Oxford dictionary defines marketing as “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”, Philip Kotler, known as ‘The Father of Modern Marketing’, defines marketing as an ‘administrative and social process through which individuals obtain what they need or desire’. Business functions like selling, advertising, and logistics are a part of marketing. The marketing department of a company ensures that the right information regarding the products or services are available to the customer while ensuring the delivery and good quality of the products or services. Steps to Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy Now that you know what marketing is, it’ll be easier for you to understand and follow the steps to devise successful marketing strategies. A successful marketing strategy is directly correlated to the revenue generated. Therefore, the profits of a company are largely credited to a well-implemented marketing strategy. Here are the common steps that businesses undertake to develop a marketing strategy for their product or services. Market Research Conducting extensive market research helps gauge the wants and needs of the customers. Through market research, a company collects information about the buying behaviours, patterns, cultural beliefs, and others of customers, which then can be translated into the product. Recognizing Target Customers Every product or service has a target customer base. For instance, face tints will only be used by urban women in their early-20s or late 30s. This understand


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