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Telesales job description

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Have you got bags of charisma that always win people round in an argument? Do you always manage to get yourself out of trouble using your charm alone? If you’ve got the gift of the gab and could sell ice to the Eskimos, then a career in Telesales is calling you, so better pick up the phone… Duties and responsibilities in a Telesales job As a Telephone Sales Executive you’ll be expected to sell the products and services of the company you work for by calling prospective clients. You may also be carrying out market research, so you won’t necessarily be stuck to the phone. Working within a team of other Sales Executives you’ll be set targets and strategies by the Team Supervisor. Your day will be mostly spent calling buyers and persuading them to either purchase a product, trial a service or accept a visit from another member of the sales team. Telesales working hours Often based in busy call or business centres you’ll work as part of a sales team, so it’s not for those that like to work alone. Very much a typical desk job, you’ll be tied to the telephone and sitting at your workstation for long periods of time so it’s not a career for anyone who fears feeling office bound. While Sales Executives often work regular 9 – 5, Monday to Friday hours, large call centres may operate on shifts, so flexible and part time hours are common in this career. Want a career in sales? Then this is the place to start. “Telesales Executive roles are where many sales professionals learn the ropes, and those who have worked and been successful in these positions are often highly sort after,” say ISMM. From Telesales you can move on up to become a Sales Executive, Manager or Director. How much do you make in a Telesales job? Anyone new to Telesales will be looking at earning around £18k per year which can rise to £30k plus. There are often bonus schemes that will boost your salary. To see the average Telesales salary in the UK, use the Totaljobs Salary Checker. Reasons for working in a Telesales job “Working as a Telesales Execut


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