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Trends of professionals and salaries of sales and marketing roles

By December 26, 2022No Comments

2020 was certainly an extremely challenging year for the Sales & Marketing function as in just a few days all the most classic sales and communication activities were completely revolutionized by the explosion of the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy. In a few days all the commercial figures found themselves unable to visit customers and the marketing function saw the most common methods of communication unusable, to give the simplest examples from catalogs to external billboards. This unexpected scenario led to an immediate swerve by companies in the direction of managing and overcoming the epidemic which later became a pandemic, thus making the problem global and no longer local. The salient points on which the Commercial Departments have focused First of all, analytical skills on all aspects of the business have become essential including customer solvency , credit analysis and the implementation of various credit management policies, performance analysis to immediately understand the markets /sectors in which to invest promptly, the analysis of resource activities to streamline processes and tools. In a scenario that has effectively eliminated the possibility of physical meetings, if not in very rare cases, the competence in the use of digital and IT tools has become essential and only those who have managed to adapt promptly have guaranteed a solid presence on the market thus making multi-channel sales an essential aspect of any business model. With this in mind, between Q1 and Q3, the commercial activities of many sectors moved to the Italian market due to the impossibility of guaranteeing presence in foreign territories, delivery difficulties and above all the temporal spread of the pandemic has progressively blocked the markets, bringing companies to focus on the local market. Only in Q4 did we record a new trend reversal towards exports due to the normalization of the situation in some geographic areas (Asia, the Middle East, Australia) despite a second European wave. Immediately after the Lockdown period


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