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What a salesman or woman should strive for is to become is a trusted advisor. A trusted advisor is whom a client calls to fix all problems whether their immediate company provides such service or product.

You are top of mind as a fixer, a reliable resource to consult with. This is attained over time as most of us usually start as vendors performing a specific task. To become a trusted advisor, it is centered around relationship and trust.

According to David Maister there four types of relationships Service Offering Based, Needs-Based, Relationship-Based and Trust-Based

The mindset is important to getting that level but there are five behavioral traits you must have to become a trusted advisor:

1. Is in it for a long-term relationship, not short-term gain.

2. Puts clients’ interests in front of their own

3. Is genuinely interested in their clients and their businesses.

4. Works really hard to understand the client’s underlying interests, not just surface “wants.”

5. Is reliable – does what they say they will do.


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