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A sales and marketing manager oversees a team of sales associates and is responsible for ensuring that a company’s sales objectives are met. In order to more easily achieve sales goals, the manager must develop an effective marketing strategy, and this process often involves working with the company’s advertising department or outside marketing firms. Sales managers are typically individuals who have a background in sales or advertising. Large companies normally require a sales and marketing manager to have a bachelor’s degree in business, advertising or marketing.In addition to having a college degree, a candidate for a managerial position must have had some experience working in a sales position, and most businesses only consider sales personnel with a track record as salespeople. The sales manager usually reports to a regional executive or sales director, and successful sales managers are usually candidates for the vacant sales executive positions. A sales and marketing manager hires and coaches new employees. Managers typically work closely with the human resources department or outside recruiting firms to find sales people to fill open positions.Depending on the nature of the particular firm’s business, sales managers may consider candidates with sales experience in various industries, while others only consider candidates who have worked in the specific industry. The sales manager must conduct performance evaluations of existing employees and oversee the training of new sales personnel. Goals are set by the manager for each sales team member, and the manager meets regularly with staff members to track their progress towards their individual goals. The annual marketing budget and how best to use those funds is one of the responsibilities of a sales and marketing director.Large companies usually have a marketing department that handles nationwide advertising, but sales managers are often in charge of placing ads in local newspapers, Web sites, or on radio stations. The manager also has to decide how to promot


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