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What Is Telesales And How To Be Successful At It?

By December 26, 2022No Comments

Did you know that 92% of all of your customer interactions occur over the phone? As such, telesales is a popular process that every company aims to incorporate into their business. It allows your agents to sell your products and services through the telephone. In reality, telesales involves businesses contacting their customers to promote their business. Alongside this, they also aim to offer, or set up appointments to support field sales reps. However, the main motive of telesales is to build repeat businesses through excellent customer relations. In this article, we will examine some amazing telesales tips, discuss the responsibilities of a telesales rep and more. Table of Contents What is Telesales? 10 Tips for Telesales Success Have access to the right data Possess a clear understanding of your goals Sound natural Don’t miss follow-ups Know your buyer well Consider sending a voicemail Stay and sound positive Ask Questions Evaluate Listen well Responsibilities of a Telesales Representative Lead Generation Direct Sales Providing Customer Service Conflict Resolution Preparing Activity Reports Wrap Up What is Telesales? Telesales is the practice of selling products or services through the telephone. It can be classified into two types: inbound and outbound. In outbound telesales, your sales representatives call potential and existing customers in order to convert them into sales. However, in inbound telesales, your representatives receive calls from prospects. In telesales, sales reps contact customers to promote your products or set up appointments to support field sales reps. Now, what is the key to being successful at it? 10 Tips for Telesales Success Here are ten tips an executive needs to follow to be successful at telesales: 10 Tips for Telesales Success l NeoDove Have access to the right data Good data is key for any marketing or business campaign as it’s the starting point of every process. Your business can’t succeed if you continue calling old clients or taking numbers f


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