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Where should you start from to implement a marketing strategy

By December 25, 2022No Comments

“Let your customers talk”, they will tell you who you are! It often happens that the perception of who we are is “disturbed” by our perception, which tends to overestimate or underestimate us, this also happens to businesses. It often happens that the management, or the entrepreneur, has a distorted perception of their position on the market, which happens when one is away from the market or interacts only with key customers. To correct this error it is important to listen to “the voice of the customers”. The starting point is to know the company well or even better to find out “who we are” through its customers who can provide important information and data on how the company is perceived by the market, its positioning and how it stands compared to its competitors . A deployment (deployment) of a marketing strategy starts from the awareness of one’s strategy which can be of value or volume, based on whether a mass market product is produced or marketed, perceived as a commodity, or if the market caters to a valuable niche. Another decisive value is the service, for example my product is identical to that offered by competitors but the perceived value of the service, enclosed in logistics, after-sales, sales organization and interaction methods, makes the difference. Are you a follower or a leader? These are the roles declined with respect to technology, volumes or quality. These are some of the basic concepts to start designing a Marketing strategy, once you discover “who you are”, you will continue to “scream” it to the world through a communication strategy.


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