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8 Proven Sales Prospecting Techniques & Tips for Better Leads in 2023

By December 22, 2022No Comments

Picking up the phone to cold call leads that didn’t know who I was, and delivering a sales pitch on why they should hand over their hard-earned money in exchange for my product, was enough to make my stomach turn in my early days. But as with all things in selling, enough practice, the right training, and a willingness to learn and experiment will help you push past the nerves and build a habit of successfully executing on critical actions throughout each stage of the sales process. Your approach to sales prospecting should be no different. Now, before we dive into our proven sales prospecting techniques, let’s cover a few key questions we’ve long fielded from readers on this topic. Pitch, perfect. Learn the ins and outs of delivering a pitch that motivates your prospects to action. I agree to receive communications from Close. I can unsubscribe at any time. Download Now → What is Sales Prospecting? Sales prospecting is the process of searching for prospective customers or clients from your pool of leads, with the goal of identifying qualified potential buyers that can move through your sales process and convert into paying customers for your business. Sounds pretty simple, right? While the concept of sales prospecting is pretty straightforward, it’s much more nuanced (and individualized) in practice. What’s the Difference: Lead vs Sales Prospect Leads come first. Leads could come in from your website, scouted via your own hard work, or even purchased. Once a lead makes it through qualification, they become qualified leads… i.e., sales prospects. Sales Prospecting For Better Leads Funnel Graphic While a sales lead could technically jump in and buy immediately, they’re usually less likely to convert than a sales prospect. After they’ve been qualified and become true sales prospects, they have a much higher likelihood of converting into becoming a paying customer. Defining the Sales Prospecting Process The process of sales prospecting is fairly straightforward, if not labor intens


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