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✅ Discover the advantages that the use of a call center and the right telesales tools will provide to your company 🤓 . Make your marketing strategies profitable and increase the number of customers to infinity🚀 . We will tell you all about it below! One of the most used marketing strategies by companies with call centers is the telesales service, which aims to increase the company’s sales. But always taking into account the advantages and disadvantages implicit in these actions. Companies are quite often forced to be more and more productive and efficient with their switchboard due to the great competition that exists in practically all sectors. So, …what is telemarketing or telemarketing? “It is a direct marketing strategy in which an agent or telemarketer uses the telephone (or any other means of communication) to contact potential customers and offer them the company’s products and services with the aim of marketing to them and closing the sale.” Once we have defined telesales, we will explain what it consists of, what are the advantages of telesales for companies with call centers, … Although, the benefits that provide a call center are very numerous and important for companies, they will not be achieved without the right tools that make this marketing strategy profitable. If you are considering the possibility of having the right tools in the call center of your companies, in Gesditel we have them at your disposal. WHAT DOES THE TELESALES SERVICE CONSIST OF? Telesales service is currently the marketing system that produces the highest sales and, therefore, the one with the highest growth. The sales produced by telesales are possible thanks to the fact that this tool allows the telephone switchboard of companies to: Research, evaluate and test new markets. Identify potential customers and their potential value. Generate potential contacts. Sell the company’s products and services. Launch new products and services. Attending to complaints and clarifications. Providing advice. Create, maintai


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