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Executive Masters in Sales & Marketing Management

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The Master in SALES & Marketing Management intends to provide the necessary tools to operate in the commercial area of ​​a company, where values ​​and performance are built and defended, paying particular attention to the creation of value for the customer and the consumer. At the end of the course, participants will have the skills to listen to the market, define segmentation and positioning strategies, defining the right offer, communicating it adequately and bringing it to the market through the appropriate channels and the most appropriate networks. The training project therefore intends to constitute a practical path, a real training ground, designed to prepare and “train” on the fundamentals of sales. Participants will find in this project not only essential knowledge and tools to operate effectively on the market, but a real guide capable of favoring the correct approach to this difficult activity taking into account the crisis, distrust and high competition. The Master can also be done online by following the lessons in live streaming. OBJECTIVES and TEACHING METHODOLOGY The objective of the Master is to transfer to the participants the tools and models to intervene in the various levels of company processes, in order to best carry out the sales/commercial contact activity. In particular, all activities are aimed at: • Analyze the client’s needs, develop the ability to enter his “system”, guide him through the most varied and specific issues from a personal and professional point of view, understand his real needs, anticipate them, make him recognize them, tackle the most difficult topics. • Develop the ability to contact customers. • Knowing how to draw a complete picture of the customer, in order to predict their purchasing behavior. • Acquire a basic mastery in communicating in a convincing way, knowing communication techniques and having achieved, through repeated exercises, the awareness of owning and being able to further improve personal communication skills. • Acquire an initi


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