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How to be really Good at Telesales

By December 27, 2022No Comments

Telesales is still one of the most popular and effective sales strategies for selling products or services, setting appointments, or telemarketing. However, being good at telesales requires practice, determination, a strong understanding of consumer psychology, and an awareness of a whole host of telesales tips and tricks. What is Telesales? Telesales is a kind of sales outreach that uses the phone to sell products or services. Many businesses use this method to sell to prospects directly; however, companies can also use telesales to generate leads, set up appointments or perform telemarketing. To be really good at telesales requires several skills and some knowledge of consumer psychology. There are two main types of telesales: Inbound Telesales Inbound telesales involves receiving calls from prospects and selling them a product or service. For example, a business might set up a landing page or advertisement that prompts potential customers to call a number. From here, the telesales executive can attempt to convince them to buy. Outbound Telesales Outbound telesales involves calling people on a list. It can be cold calling, i.e. people who haven’t necessarily expressed an interest in a product, or it can be the process of calling pre-qualified leads. office illustration What Are the Different Types of Roles in Telesales? Telesales is a broad term that covers various distinct roles. Some of the different types of telesales are: Direct selling over the phone Direct selling over the phone is one of the most common telesales roles. It involves speaking to prospects and closing deals directly over the phone. If possible, they will try to ask for the sale there and then and close the deal. If not, they will follow up. Setting appointments Another type of telesales involves setting up meetings or sales appointments. This type of telesales is widespread in high-ticket sales and mostly includes business to business sales. Telemarketing Telemarketing is often confused with telesales; however, they are dist


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