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FROM DEVELOPING BRAND AND PRODUCT STORYTELLING TO MANAGING IN-STORE DEMONSTRATIONS AND POINT-OF-CONSUMPTION VISIBILITY; FROM THE MANAGEMENT OF DEVELOPMENT, PENETRATION AND CROSS SELLING ACTIVITIES UP TO THE PRESENTATION TO WHOLESALERS AND THE MANAGEMENT OF THE TRANSFER ORDER. We guarantee daily access to the data and results of each individual project. 01 MARKETING Together with the client, we build real corporate storytelling that tells the distinctive characteristics of the brand and product , enhancing the distinctive elements, contextualizing the role of the products with respect to the main consumption trends, suggesting the prevailing consumption opportunities, identifying the elective target of consumers in relation the type of venue, identifying the most suitable pricing and combinations with other products/services. We organize and manage in-store demonstrations on the use and benefits of preparation products . We manage visibility at the point of consumption , guaranteeing maximum effectiveness of pos materials. 02 SALES We specialize in the management and coordination of all sales operation activities , including: the development of penetration and cross-selling of the products in the points of consumption, the consequent feeding of the demand of the wholesalers on the products presented , the joint presentation of the project to the wholesalers to stimulate their operational involvement (alignment on the situation of product/format availability, coaching/involvement to/of the sales force) the collection of orders and transfer orders to the reference wholesaler and/or to the customer’s sales force the reporting of new wholesalers for a possible new activation. 03 CUSTOMIZED SERVICE We always provide a personalized service with daily access to project results, weekly access to the performance dashboard for monitoring results, periodic presentations, by the project manager, of the activities carried out and the performances achieved both centrally and peripherally.


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