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Division Oriented towards Research and Selection of Commercial Professionals and Sales and Marketing Operators Business Management provides operational support and resources to companies that work in marketing or to all companies that consider marketing the fundamental lever for their development. The selected resources all respond to the main cornerstones on which Marketing and commercial activities are based: listening to the customer, knowledge of the reference market, constant dialogue with Partners as well as experimentation with innovative technologies. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to identify and manage each resource in line with the corporate core , because we can make use of a technical and specialized team that carefully understands the development needs of the project that our customer has in mind, carefully analyzing them problems and features. We are able, among other things, to create a real commercial team for each particular project and for each particular requirement of the customer. Articles on Sales and Marketing It’s not always easy to get younger talent into your company – here’s how to attract Generation Z! Read >> How to connect with a headhunter and change your life! Read >> Special Restart September 2020: Social Media Manager, how to select the right one! Read >>


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