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Sales & Marketing Director

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The Commercial Director is responsible for implementing the company’s commercial policies. His mission is, in a word, to sell: to sell as much as possible, in the most efficient way, on the most profitable markets. The function of the Commercial Director is crucial in all companies, but in particular in those more “market-oriented”, for which, in order to sell well, it is not enough to have good products, but it is necessary to push them with particularly targeted commercial and marketing policies . These policies are aimed at making the product visible and available to those who can buy it, incurring the minimum costs necessary to transfer it from the producer to the consumer. Main duties / what he does Collaborate with the General Management to achieve the general and profit objectives; Exercise the management powers assigned to him by the General Management, operating in compliance with the directives received, the plans and approved strategies, the corporate policies and procedures of the commercial sector; Process commercial policies; Manage the sales process in order to increase business opportunities; Direct and coordinate the activities of the Commercial Department, manage relations with the corporate and group sectors, with external bodies and with customers; Provide the guidelines for the research and development of the organization, coordinate the company and group processes in the field of market and sales; Ensure the implementation of the directives and plans within the established deadlines, through the effective and efficient management of the resources for which he is responsible; Know the market and analyze its trends, evaluate competitors’ products, interpreting the general economic situation and making pertinent suggestions; Responsible for failure to achieve and deviations from the assigned objectives; Search for new channels for product distribution; Plan and manage the budget and sales forecast. What he must be able to do / Requirements Knowledge of business economics; Ability to analyze data, plan composite activities, manage budgets and evaluate the results achieved; Aptitude for problem solving and ability to take risks and responsibilities; Proficiency in at least one foreign language, for any dealings with foreign markets . Professional training Recommended training course Degree in economics and, in particular, in business disciplines; Undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in this field, undoubtedly useful for becoming a Commercial Director. The job market There are very few companies in which the figure of the Sales Director does not exist. On the contrary, there are many and growing companies that have to reserve a substantial budget for the commercial function. To a demand for this already sustained and structurally growing figure, is added the demand generated by the positions left uncovered by the strong (voluntary or suffered) mobility that characterizes this figure. The overall effect can be easily seen in the job advertisements in qualified newspapers, where, among the high-level figures, that of the Commercial Director is constantly one of the most requested.


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