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Sales Prospecting Process

By December 22, 2022No Comments

Much more goes into the sales prospecting process than phone calls and emails. Yes, those happen eventually, but before you can reach out to prospects, you must find the right ones. Only after this can you come up with a system to connect with them and reach out. Keeping these general steps in mind, here are Salesvue’s three steps to follow. Target the Best Leads for You The first part of prospecting is finding out who to target. Oftentimes and from a young age sellers and businesspeople are taught about different customer segments. These segments are usually very general, such as age, gender and income levels. However, much more goes into finding the right customer personas when you are trying to prospect efficiently. You must narrow your search down by relevant factors in your search to reach those that are most both willing and able to buy your product or service. There are a few ways you can do this. One of which, and a highly effective one, is by looking at your current customers and seeing what is working. By analyzing reports that give insight into your current customer base, you can develop a good picture of who is most likely to buy your product. For example, with Salesvue’s Math of Sales reports, you can see what customer segments your team has the most success targeting. By being able to break these down into industry, job title and more, you can gain understanding into where you should focus your efforts. Create a Standardized and Optimized Cadence After you understand who you should target, it is time to develop a plan on how to target them. Another factor that involves customer personas is figuring out what your prospects respond to best. Whether this means emails, phone calls, social media interaction, direct mail or more, you need to have a good understanding of what media your prospects respond well to. There is no use in bombarding your targets with social media messages if a high majority of them are not active on social media. So, understanding what your targets will answer to and gain val


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